Cookie Policy

ADR uses a cookie system to support the web sites shopping cart. Cookies are not used anywhere else on the site.

What Is A Cookie:

A cookie is a small file placed on your computer that can be accessed dynamically by the web site for a variety of reasons. Cookies are currently classified into 4 categories which increase in significance with regards to issues of privacy, as detailed below:
  • Category 1: Strictly necessary cookies
  • Category 2: Performance cookies
  • Category 3: Functionality cookies
  • Category 4: Targeting or Advertising cookies
The ADR website uses one Category 1 cookies as detailed below:

Category 1

NamePurposeMore information
adrcart adrcart is a cookie used to remember what items you have loaded in your shop cart as you move about the site. The cart contains no personal information, only a logical list of the items you have selected. As such this type of cookie is classed as a purely functional cookie. n/a

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