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We offer race and specialist builds to customer specifications.

Bespoke Engineering Services: We offer milling and turning services for custom projects including engine rebuilds and chasis fabrication for any type of performance or race car.

Complete Service: We also offer 3d cad drawings from customer sketches, through to complete machined components if required.

Ford GT40 Recreation Upgrade

Ford GT40 Recreation UpgradeWe recently completed a modification/upgrade to a Ford GT40 recreation belonging to Chris Liddiard of Flackwell Heath.

He kindly sent this quote for our site:

Chris Liddiard Ford GT40 recreation.

"I am delighted with the cooling modification on my GT40 recreation, ADR spotted & solved the problem cost effectively & to a high standard of work. I would reccomend ADR again for any motorsport work that I come across & will use them for any future improvements to the car."

Ford GT40 Recreation Upgrade

Ferrari P4 Rebuild

Ferrari P4 RebuildIn 2008 we carried out a rebuild of a Ferrari P4 for Max Wakefield, below is a quote from him.

Max Wakefield, Race Director

You can drive fast and tell your pit crew what the cars doing. It doesn't qualify you as an engineer. It just doesn't. You may have an idea for a car you would like to build. Or a car you want to improve. But building or altering a racing car takes more time and money than one would know. If you knew the journey before you started you wouldn't take it. Only a handful make it to the end.

I have a company that builds recreations of historic racing cars. 330P4, 917, RSR Turbo etc. We make safe, fast cars. I could not have achieved this without ADR engineering. They have the enthusiasm and skills and equipment to take a simple 2D drawing and turn it into something physical. They have the experience of developing their own cars to be able to tell you what will and what won't work. They have the patience to do it properly. And the contacts to supply your cars needs.

A brompton fold up bike has over 2000 individual components (The MD told me, you can ask him). Who knows how many parts a racing car has. If you allow a margin of tollerance to creep in and mutiply that by the ammount of components then you're looking at failure. It may even be dangerous. You drive. Let ADR do the engineering. I have and I will again.

Max Wakefield

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