Gallery - Daimler Sp250 Dart

One of the many iconic classics that we currently maintain & store is this Daimler Sp250 "Dart", a 1962 car with manual gearbox, we have made many subtle upgrades to ensure its regular use gives the owner the confidence & pleasure, such a car should bring.

The Daimler Sp250 Dart is one of those sad victims of model range rationalisation, launched in 1959, & originally know as the Daimler Dart, this name was soon forced to be dropped, with the threat of legal action by Chrysler Dodge, so the Dart name was replaced by the sp250.

The Sp250 had a few problems, with the glass fibre body cracking, & flexing, to the point that the doors occasionally came open!, the handling was not great & brakes even worse, but the V8 gurgle & pull was made up for all this.

At ADR we can offer remedies for all of the original flaws bringing the Daimler SP250 into the super classic that it is. 

Following the Jaguar Cars purchase of the Daimler brand in 1960 the Sp250 (dart) was side lined in preference to the new Jaguar E type.

With only 2650 made and Around 600 left, this 2.5 litre V8 sports car is a gem 


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