Jaguar Restoration Specialists

We cannot really better the slogan of "Grace, pace & space" that Jaguar bestowed on their range back in the 1950's, however with the passage of time & technical advances, we can continue and enhance this sentiment with historic knowledge and current technology.

At ADR your classic Jaguar can be restored to its former glory, either to the original manufacturers specification, with every last fixing being as Jaguar intended, or we can restore so that none of the car`s original looks or unique personality are affected.

By offering upgrades such as, 5 speed gearbox conversions, power steering and, air conditioning coupled with suspension & brake upgrades will give the "Grace" part of the slogan a 21st century boost.

The "pace" part of the slogan is probably the easiest but most complex to achieve Jaguar Cars throughout the decades have produced numerous engine options from the early 1.5 litre 4 cylinder units to the famous XK 6 cylinder DOHC engines from 2.4 ltr to 4.2 ltr capacity, with various intake options.

All of these including the new range of 6 cylinder, V8 & V8 supercharged engines can be fitted or enhanced to suit your needs.

Uprated seats, a full trim facility using the finest leathers & materials as only Jaguar would have wanted, with the option of current technology I phone, music interface, telephone & satellite navigation connectivity, will bring the "space" part of the slogan to a new level.

Jaguar Restoration Specialists

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