AVD 100 Nurburgring
AVD 100 Nurburgring

ADR are pleased to announce :

 A podium finish for our Swiss dealers in the first round of the 100 mile 80 minute German Sports Car Series held at the Nurburgring on the 8th April 2012.

SZM racing, in the capable hands of team principle Rene Buchs, entered two ADR3 cars, the ex-factory Honda CN car and an ADR3 MCE.  The ADR3 MCE suffered differential problems in Saturday's qualifying, however with two rookie drivers in their first ever race, the Swiss pairing took the ADR3 CN car to 7th overall and 3rd in Division 2, (cn 2 litre class).  Michael Haltiger and Simon Stoller drove a storming race from start to finish.

The class was won by the British entered G-Cat Racing Wolf GB08, driven by Greg Caton, followed by the turbo charged KTM X-bow.  The ADR3 finished 3rd, and only 1.20 secs behind the Wolf.

A very good result and without the benefit of the 2012 aero upgrades!  We look forward to their next round at Hockenheim in a few weeks time.

Our congratulations go to Rene and his team!

You can view an in-car video of their achievements on our YouTube site linked on our home page.

ADR East Asia
ADR East Asia

ADR are expanding our worldwide presence, with the first 2 ADR3 cars to be shipped into East Asia.

The first car, a fully optioned ADR3 TS 2 litre Duratec car, boasting Geartronics paddle shift, Aim data logging and air jacks, is one of the first of the new left hand drive option chassis to be supplied.

The car was given a successful rollout test at Brands Hatch on Friday 23/03/12 prior to its long sea voyage next week.

The second car is a semi-built rolling chassis, which will be finalised at its destination.  Both cars will be raced and also used to bring on young Kart drivers up to slicks & wings sports prototypes.

Pictures from the day can be seen in our latest gallery.

Motorsport UK Show
Motorsport UK Show

ADR will be exhibiting at this years Motorsport UK Show, held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on the 5th and 6th November 2011.

You can find us in the Kit and Specialist Sports Car Arena, where we will have on display one of our latest ADR3 mce cars, along with a selection of bespoke in house produced motorsport parts.

We will also be pleased to discuss the opportunity to race or track day hire one of our latest 300BHP Duratec cars for 2012.

More information about the show can be found here :

Carbon Fibre ADR3 August 2011
Carbon Fibre ADR3 August 2011

The first full carbon fibre bodied ADR3 has been delivered to it new owners,  Summertree Racing.

Summertree Racing based in East Sussex, is run by experienced Sports car racers Mike Roberts and Richard White, both more used to running LMP cars amongst others.  Summertree sucessfully campaign the beautiful ex Dyson MG-Lola EX257.  The ADR will be raced in mainly UK events including the BRSCC open sports championship, SEMSEC and Castle Coombe GT.

The ADR3 has a 290 bhp Ford Duratec, Hewland FTR gearbox, full Geartronics intelligent paddle shift system with Data logging provided by the AIM EVO 4 steering wheel display.  The car also benefits from some of the new aero work developed with Simon McBeath at the MIRA wind tunnel earlier in the year.

We will continue to work with Summertree to provide factory support & developments, as more parts become available. 

Pictures of car can be found in our latest gallery. 

NEW ADR3 Chassis, + LHD option July 2011
NEW ADR3 Chassis, + LHD option July 2011

The 3rd generation of the ADR3 chassis has just arrived.

This latest version of the ADR3 chassis will give the added benefit of providing HANS compatible shoulder harness mounts for both driver and passenger now.  There's a new bolt-in rear engine floor for ease of access.  Most significantly we can now offer the frequently asked for option of either left or right hand drive.

Coupled with the new aero package developed at MIRA earlier in the year, the ADR3 is the most versatile sports racing car currently in production.  It offers interchangeability between motorcycle and automotive power and with the FIA FT3 fuel cells fitted as standard, the cars are eligible for numerous race series both here in the UK and around the world.  Series such as the 750 motor club bike sports championship, the SRCC Sports 2000,  full FIA group CN endurance racing, as well as a very capable track day machine.

Bespoke composite manufacture service
Bespoke composite manufacture service

Glassfibre/composite and carbon fibre design and manufacture

Following many years experience of the design and development of composite components,  supplying  composite parts to the racing car and aerospace industries, ADR  now offer this service and expertise to all levels of motorsport and specialist builder.

With full in house 3D solid modelling facilities, we can produce components in GRP or carbon fibre, either from your moulds supplied or from existing patterns.  We can use drawings of any specification to produce prototype and production components.

If you have a project or would be interested in a competitive comparative quote for an existing moulding requirement, we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.  

Castle Combe Win!
Castle Combe Win!

Andy Laurence has sent us his recent news;
Saturday 26th March 2011 saw the British Sprint Championship get off to a flying start at Castle Combe Circuit in Wiltshire.  A new entrant in the Sports Libre category was Andy Laurence in his ADR Sport 2 in his second outing in the car.  The ADR has been competing in the FFSA French Hillclimb Championship since being built in 2004 and has been fitted with a Suzuki GSXR1000 engine to replace the original BMW engine.  

Steve Kilvington has snapped a few photos:

Congratulations Andy!

Mallory Park Aero Test 23/03/2011
Mallory Park Aero Test  23/03/2011

ADR's works driver, Andrew Bentley  was invited to test the new Simon McBeath/MIRA developed aero package.

"I already know the car has fantastic mechanical grip and the existing aero works, but I was very excited by the new developments.  It was hoped that the new aero kit would create an even greater balance in the car, giving a bit more front end grip in the higher speed corners. From the first lap I could tell the difference.   The new diffuser provided so much more front end grip giving me great confidence, keeping the speed into even the fastest, longest corners.  The whole balance of the car felt fantastic, with the rear of the car still firmly planted.  In summary, the new aero kit is a great step forwards and will be a real boost to the performance of any ADR. There's so much more grip, especially in the high speed corners."

Geartronics Upgrade
Geartronics Upgrade

Following a successful trial with the Geartronics intelligent paddle shift system which we installed on the ADR3 mce car for Simon Marsh, ADR are recommending the system across our range.

The system aids gearbox life, eliminates accidental downshifts and with its lightning fast gear changes and controlled power delivery, can save time on the track and money in expensive gearbox rebuilds.

Our Swiss dealer's car is here being upgraded to this system ahead of the new 2011 season.

We can supply the system as a kit, to include all the hardware, wiring harness and pneumatic lines needed to fit, or we can fit and set up the system at our factory.

Please call for further details. 

2011 Aero Upgrade !! 24/01/2011
2011 Aero Upgrade !!  24/01/2011

Working with Simon McBeath, aerodynamicist, author of the Haynes published  "Competition Car Aerodynamics" and the "Aerobytes" column writer for Racecar Engineering magazine, ADR spent a day at the MIRA full scale wind tunnel on Friday 21 January 2011.

You will be able to read a full report of the MIRA testing in Simon's column in  Magazine which is scheduled to run from April 2011 to July 2011.

With a lot of work and forward planning from Nick and Ben at , prototype parts were produced which enabled a series of 50 test runs over this very hectic day.  The emphasis was to achieve aerodynamic downforce figures to a near 50/50 split front and rear at around 90MPH.

Obviously we could have looked for the highest downforce figures at 150MPH, but took the decision that the average cornering speed is  where this force is required.

After 37 runs and various changes we achieved a split of 47.4% front and 52.6% rear,and an L/D of -1.887,which we are all very pleased with.

Simon McBeath has more information on his website :

Following these successful tests we are pleased to announce that from the end of February 2011, we can offer a full Aero update kit to all existing ADR3 customers and as a 2011 promotional offer, the first 3 cars of any model ordered before 28 February 2011 will be fully updated and receive full MIRA data sheets at the 2010 price.

More pictures from the day can be seen in our gallery section.

Special ADR3 19/01/2011
Special ADR3 19/01/2011

Our new ADR3 special project is already creating interest from unexpected sources.  We were honoured yesterday to have Sir Frank Williams visit our workshop to have a chat about the project.

Sir Frank, who is a friend of the cars' owner, Rainer Kuschall, called in for coffee and to see the car's progress.  He said he'd like to come back to be present when the car goes for its initial shakedown run.

We also received an invite to visit the AT&T Williams F1 Headquarters in Oxfordshire.  That will be good !!, to see how the top level of motorsport do things.

Special ADR3 Update Jan 2011
Special ADR3 Update Jan 2011

Further to our announcement in April 2010 for a " Special ADR3"  we can now confirm more details.

Following nearly 11 months of design and development, the car is nearing completion, with initial shakedown tests sceduled for the end of January 2011.  The car has a 3 cylinder 1500cc 2 stroke engine, mated to a CVT ( constant variable transmission).  So no need to change gears, as the car's owner Rainer Kuschall has only partial use of his hands.  Throttle and brakes are hand controlled and steering is power assisted.

The engine is imported from the USA, weighs in at 52kg !, derives from a racing snowmobile and is available from 1000cc to 1750cc normally aspirated. 

The car is left hand drive to allow  the CVT unit to drive centrally to the Elite transmissions MX200 differential unit.  Bodywork and chassis have been modified to allow Rainer easier access in and out of the car, with twin radiators for additional cooling and a special fuel cell for use with the 2 stoke fuel mix.

This engine option has many possibilities, including mating to the Hewland FTR gearbox, to produce a very powerfull lightweight Racing or Hillclimb machine.

The car will be raced in the Swiss/German sports car series in 2011, where its arrival will create quite an interest from fellow competitors and spectators.

Pictures of the car can be found on our gallery page.  

New Car For Motorsports Southwest
New Car For Motorsports Southwest

Dean Turnbaugh, Motorsports Southwest, the ADR dealer for the USA mid-west area took delivery of his new ADR3cn demonstrator at the end of November 2010.

Dean, based in Austin Texas, will race the car in the US C sports series, as well as demonstrating in the ever increasing trackday events held throughout the Mid-West United States.

The Mugen Honda powered car will be available for testing.  Give Dean a call to discuss your future in sportscar racing!  Contact details are on our dealers web page and at

Check our galleries page for more pictures.  Link to video;   and

Racecar Live 2010 Report
Racecar Live 2010 Report

Over a cold and slippery weekend, ADR were proud to exhibit a Honda CN car that was back from Switzerland, having some upgrades fitted.  This static display in the hospitality area allowed visitors to see beneath the bodywork and what sets ADRs apart from their competitors.  The CN car recently won its class in a Swiss hillclimb "Bergrennen Steckborn-Eichholzli" in September and the Mugen Honda/Hewland FTR based car has created a lot of interest in Europe.

Andrew Bentley was giving passenger rides to prospective buyers and our sponsors in the Hayabusa engined semi-works car.  Fitted with a 1500 Mistral Performance engine, and inspite of the conditions, the car was noted to be one of the quickest of the event.  The new carbon passenger footrest was put to the test with over 2g showing on the datalogger.  

With considerable interest in the marque from the UK, Italy, the Czech Republic and France, 2011 looks like being a busy year in the factory.

Track Day Hire
Track Day Hire

Our ADR3mce 1500 Hayabusa is available for hire for use at trackdays.

 The car has two seats and we recommend you take our Grade "A" ARDS Instructor for a spin before taking to the track on your own.  Andrew Bentley is an experienced instructor at Silverstone and Bedford and he will ensure you get the best from this very quick car.

Prices include delivery of the car to Brands Hatch or Silverstone Circuits, exclusive all day use, factory support, a tank of fuel and insurance.

Other Circuits can be arranged and the cost can be shared with another driver.

Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Racecar Live 20-21/11/2010
Racecar Live 20-21/11/2010

ADR will again be demonstrating our cars at the forthcoming Racecar Live event at Brands Hatch on the weekend of 20-21st November 2010.

The Honda powered CN car and the class winning MCE version will be on display, both on and off the track.  Drivers for the weekend will be Andrew Bentley and Simon Marsh.

With the show growing year on year, 2010 is shaping up to be the best yet. Come and visit us, we will be more than happy to discuss your current or future motorsport ventures.  

ADR @ Hockenheimring
ADR @ Hockenheimring

The W-S Race team took their ADR3mce to Hockenheim on Thursday 14/10/10.  The car, driven by team principle Thorsten Willems, was used throughout the day to give high speed passenger rides to sponsors and team members.

Thorsten added this quote :

" Again we had a successful retail event at the Hockenheimring, our car was completely convincing!  Conclusion : Great people - Great weather - Sharp car !  "

The car will be raced next year in the Swiss/German sports car series, whilst continuing to be used as a promotional tool for Thorsten's other business activities.

More pictures from the day can be found in our gallery section.

H.S.A Sprint-Curborough
H.S.A Sprint-Curborough

4 out of 4 for Simon Marsh and the ADR3 mce !!!.

Simon took the class win again in the ADR, this time running in the HSA Speed Championship at Curborough sprint circuit, on Sunday 10th October.  Simon put up a time of 30.37 secs, a mere 4/100ths of a second off the HSA Class lap record.

The win was hard fought with Simon taking the class honours in his first timed run, piping the Force SR4 of Rob Stevens and the OMS of Les Procter, who finished the day in second and third place respectively.  The ADR ended a respectable 3rd fastest of the day behind a 2.0 Formula 3 Dallara and a 4.0 Pilbeam Judd which set a new course record.

With the season now over for 2010, all in all a very good showing for Simon and the new ADR3 mce, winning its class in every event entered.

Shelsley Walsh 19/09/10
Shelsley Walsh 19/09/10

Running for the first time since fitting the newly built Mistral Performance Hayabusa engine, and the latest SBD dry sump system, Simon Marsh cautiously ran the engine through the damp and dizzly morning's practice at Shelsley Walsh's last hillclimb meeting of the season.

Despite ominous clouds in the sky, a drying track and confidence in the engine allowed for another Sports Libre class win.  This was the last but one round of the 2010 REI HSA Speed Championship where Simon picked up another 8 points for his 3rd Class win of the season.

Thanks to : Dave of the TheEsses14UK for the video footage


WS Racing Germany
WS Racing Germany

WS Racing Germany took delivery of their second ADR3 mce on Monday 26th July 2010.

Both cars are rebuilt used ADR3 mce cars, the latest finished in gloss black.  We delivered the car to Jarney Test Circuit in France, where it was given a shakedown test prior to its first outing at Hockenheim on the 20th August.

The car was driven by WS Racing principal Thorsten Willems, who very quickly got on the pace.

We will be supporting Thorsten and Robert at WS Racing at various European events throughout the remainder of 2010 and beyond.  

Pictures of the car pre-delivery and from the test can be found here.

2 out of 2 !!!
2 out of 2 !!!

Simon Marsh again proved the ADR3 mce capabilities by taking his second class win in as many outings.

This time entering the car in the BARC sprint championship held at Llandow circuit in Wales, on Saturday 17th July 2010.  Simon took the class win ahead of the Radcal SR4 of regular sprint driver Clive Wooster in the Sports Libre up to 2000cc class.

See :

With First in class and 6th out of 61 competitors overall it is clear that the ADR marque is becoming a serious alternative to those thinking about buying a Radical Sports car for Sprinting and Hillclimbing.

750 Motor Club Cadwell Park
750 Motor Club Cadwell Park

750 Formula class B competitor, Guy Sheppard drove his ADR3 to another two class wins and fourth overall at Cadwell Park for the latest rounds of the 2010 750 Formula Championship on Saturday July 10th.

Guy has had limited time in the car, but feels the handling and potential is very positive.

" I am very happy with the overall feel of the car considering I have not done any testing.  Everytime I drive it I get faster, the car just builds confidence and demands pushing."

Now a regular top ten finisher, Guy has his sights on the top five and a class B championship title.

With Peter Bove in his ADR, winning in class A and Guy Sheppard in class B, the ADR's are again proving their abilities across the various motorsport disciplines.

More pictures from the event can be found here :

Prescott Hillclimb 26/27 June 2010
Prescott Hillclimb 26/27 June 2010

The new ADR3 mce, wins on its debut competion event !!!.

We are celebrating a hillclimbing class win at the car's debut event, the "Midsummer Speed Fest" at Prescott Hillclimb near Cheltenham, Gloucester.  It was Simon Marsh's first competitive event in his new car.

Running in the Sports Libre class against a 2 litre Pilbeam Cosworth, a Radical 1340cc Clubsport, a Z-Cars 2 litre Mini, and the wheelie pulling 2 litre Smart car, the ADR3 progressed well in the practice runs on Saturday before pulling out a winning run on the first competition run on Sunday.

Some more pictures here courtesy of :

We will also shortly add a full in car video of the runs, check back soon !!

Community Service
Community Service

In conjunction with RMA trackdays, ADR offered a raffle prize, with proceeds in aid of The Hawkedon Primary School Association. We displayed a car (in sweltering heat) at the school Summer Fayre on Satuday 26 June 2010.

The prize offered 4 people to attend the RMA Trackdays event at RAF Odiham on the 18th July, where the lucky winners will get high speed passenger rides in the latest ADR3 mce, watch the RAF display the Chinook helicopter and receive a full sit down lunch at the RAF base.

Along with the many other fundraising events the School Association had organized, we are pleased to have been part of the event and help raise a significant amount of money to further assist the education of the next generation.

More pictures from the day can be found here :

ADR 750 Formula
ADR 750 Formula

750 Formula regular Peter Bove, piloted his ADR 750F to its third podium in three outings at Brands Hatch on Sunday 20/06/10.

Peter stormed to pole in qualifing and took the lead for most of the race.  Problems with backmarkers and a clutch issue led to him losing the lead and with the race shortened, due to a red flag, there was no chance to regain the lead.

Despite missing two rounds of the championship, Peter moves to fifth overall and is looking for strong performances at Cadwell Park and Pembrey in July to bring him into contention for the Championship lead.

" The car is way more competitive than I had anticipated given the lack of testing, and I feel that a championship challenge is on the cards " enthused ex-champion Bove.

The Brands Hatch race will be televised on Motors TV in July, you can follow Peter`s blog at :

Special ADR3 April 2010
Special ADR3  April 2010

ADR are pleased to announce that we have been commissioned to build a very special ADR3, the car is to have a power plant rarely seen in a race car, and a transmission system that you would also be hard pressed to find walking up and down any current race paddock !!

This special car is for a special person, Rainer Kuschall.  Rainer is quite an amazing person.  In 1963,  a swimming accident , at the age of 16 left him with tetraplegia, only 15 years later he established Kuschall AG, primarily focused on the design and build of sports and custom wheelchairs.

Rainer has always strived to achieve his main ambition: To be able to express his identity and reach freedom through independence in mobility.  His 21 Olympic medals symbolise his determination.

We had the pleasure to meet Rainer on our recent trip to Switzerland and to discuss some of the many technical requirements needed for this project, including power brakes, steering and a single hand control.  Also the need to make quick release panels to enable Rainer access in and out of the car.

ADR are excited about this project, with the chance to further show our engineering solutions and the versatility of the ADR range of sports racing cars.

We will post more information as the build progresses, and maybe give more details on the lightest , and one of the most powerfull engines we have currently fitted !!

ADR Switzerland
ADR Switzerland

We joined our Swiss dealers  Auto-Renntage in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, for the weekend of 24/25 April 2010.

The ex-factory Honda CN car was giving demonstration runs, in the hands of Felix Haas.  The car performed superbly in some very prestigious company, including a Ferrari 333, a Maserati MC12, Sauber and Martini sports cars.

On the tight and twisty course the ADR managed to snap at the heels of the far more powerful machinery, with glorious sunshine and packed spectator areas, a sight and sound worth the long trip.

On the Sunday, Felix gave further demonstration runs and high speed passenger rides to complete a very successful weekend. 

More pictures here.

New 2 car team for Germany !!
New 2 car team for Germany !!

ADR are pleased to announce that  W.S Racing will be running a 2 car team in Germany for 2010.

W.S Racing is headed by Thorsten Willems and Robert Schoenau, both experienced racers. The cars are ADR3 mce versions, fitted with tuned Suzuki Hayabusa engines and will also be used for corporate events..

One of the cars was put on display at a trade fair in Germany last weekend 10/11 April 2010, attracting lots of interest.

We wish Thorsten and Robert every sucess and look forward to supporting them at some of the European events later this year. 

Few more pictures here.

Geartronics Shakedown
Geartronics Shakedown

Simon Marsh spent the day testing his ADR3 mce at the Curborough sprint venue on 7th April 2010.  Neil Wallace from Geartronics was in attendance to set up the new intelligent paddle shift system.

Simon said, "I'm familiar with VW's DSG semi-automatic gearbox so it's easy to adapt to paddles.  The clutchless gear changes are so quick and smooth and not letting go of the steering wheel is particulary going to help in hillclimbs where you are so close to the edges of the track you are best not steering one handed whilst changing gear.  The downchanges are brilliant and there's little chance of locking the rears, even in the wet.  It blips the throttle and delays the down-change until the engine won't over-rev which gives the engine a longer life!" 

The car will now be taken for circuit testing ahead of its very busy 2010 schedule.  Simon has always specified the car to be a multi disciplined race car and will therefore compete in Hillclimb, Sprint and Race events.  Simon will share his car with factory driver Andrew Bentley who will race at selected BRSCC open sports car championship events.

The car will be fully factory supported throughout the season, at all the events.

We would also like to thank for their continued support, having proven the ADR3cn abilities in 2009, 2010 will prove the ADR3 mce has similar qualities in a very competitive market place.

Few more pictures here.

Gurston Down Sept 2009
Gurston Down Sept 2009

Simon Marsh drove the ADR3 cn car at the famous Gurston Down hillclimb at the end of 2009.

Although the car was set up a circuit racer, it performed well under these fairly extreme conditions with muliple standing starts the drive train coped without fault.

"I've always remembered Phil Chatterton's car and I wanted a two seater sportscar that I could use to broaden my experience.  The ADR is a circuit car, so will be great for sprints and I'm looking forward to sharing the fun of a trackday with a passenger in the seat.  I'm hoping that the extra time you get behind the wheel on circuits will help with my driving at hillclimbs."

Simon was impressed with the car and ordered his own ADR3 mce, which he plans to campaign in British hillclimb and sprint events, as well as the odd track day.

See the photos in our gallery


The BRSCC Open Sports Car Series made its first visit to the Oulton Park International circuit on Saturday 15th August 2009.

Race 1 was halted on the warm up lap due to a sudden heavy downpour, the race being rescheduled to allow either the track to dry or the field to fit wet tyres.

On the restart the ADR3 of Andrew Bentley came in to the pits at the end of the warm up lap with a misfire, this was quickly traced, however this now meant we would start the race from the pit lane at the tail of the field, Andrew drove very well to carve through the field to achieve 5th place, & 2nd in class 0.5 sec behind the Ligier JS49, driven by Chris Lake.

Race 2, Andrew started in his finishing position from race 1 (5th), by lap 2 had passed the Ligier, & was closing in on the Radical of  Jon-paul Ivey, with the Jade of Steve Griffiths pulling out with mechanical issues, meant we were now in 3rd overall & again 1st in class !!.


ADR 1-2 @ Rockingham
ADR 1-2 @ Rockingham

ADR  1st & 2nd

In the BRSCC Open Sports car series at Rockingham Raceway last weekend 18/19 July, Andrew Bentley driving the factory Honda powered car, won the class in both races, with second place in class going to the new Duratec car in its first outing driven by Bob Scanlon.

Both cars ran faultlessly during the weekend, we are looking forward to the next round at Oulton Park on the 15th August.

ADR Wins @ Brands Hatch
ADR  Wins @ Brands Hatch

Peter Bove, driving his ADR 750 took the overall win and The 750 Motor Club "750 Formula" lap record at Brands Hatch on Saturday 20/06/09.

Four times 750 formula Champion Peter Bove, celebrated his first win in his ADR 750 formula car, starting from 4th on the grid.  Peter took the lead before the ignition cut out two laps running, dropping him to second place, 3.5 seconds behind the leader.  But Peter was able to restart the engine and took the lead into Paddock Hill Bend at the start of the last lap.

"It was a great result in only 8 outings with the car and I'm sure that there is more to come" said Bove.

Our Congratulations go to Peter, and we all wish him every success for the rest of season.

MSVR Snetterton
MSVR Snetterton

Leyton Clarke

drove the works ADR3 cn Honda powered car at Snetterton on June 13/09, qualifying a superb 1st in class and 2nd overall.

The race came with mixed emotions, holding second place with a comfortable margin going into coram on lap 6, our shiny new 1 piece OZ racing wheel, became a 2 piece wheel !!.

A stone? or something had lodged between the caliper & inner wheel & machined it perfectly in two, Leyton did well not to hit anything, but this did bring our almost certain class win to an abrupt end.

Bad luck indeed, but at least the ADR proved its worth.

ADR3 Ford Duratec
ADR3 Ford Duratec

New for 2009.

THE ADR3 is now available with the Ford Duratec engine, the first car has been completed & is Destined to make its race debut at Kirkistown in Northern Ireland at the end of this month.

Mated to the 6 speed Hewland FTR gearbox the Dunnell racing engines supplied 2 litre is a compact lightweight unit, & producing 292 BHP, engines can be supplied from 220 BHP to over 300 BHP, making these engines ideally suited to trackday or  a very competitive sports racer in a 2 litre class.

See the gallery

BRSCC Open Sports Car Series
 BRSCC Open Sports Car Series

Andrew Bentley, drove the works ADR3 cn car in the "BRSCC open sports car series" held at Brands Hatch on 9/10 May 2009, with a 23 entry grid qualified a very respectable 8th overall and second in class, even with an electrical misfire causing the engine cut out randomly.

Working on the car after Qualifying  and with our  thanks to Henry Nickless from Chiron cars, the cause was traced to a cranked sensor plug.

With the car now running as it should we all looked forward to the race on Sunday.   Andrew got a good start only to collect a right rear puncture on lap 2, and he then did an amazing job to bring the car home with a deflating rear tyre to finish in 12th place.

The next round is at Donnington Park on the 6th June, we are looking forward to furthering this initial success.

Finally our special thanks go to RACEPARTS UK for their support in helping make this season get off to a flying start. 

New ADR3 mce for Australia
New ADR3 mce for Australia

2 New ADR3 mce cars left  our works on Friday 3rd April, destined for Australia.

The cars will compete in the popular Australian supersports series, both fitted with Holeshot Racing tuned engines, the blue car 1300 Suzuki hyabusa, & the white car fitted with a 1500 cc Suzuki hyabusa & MBE management system.

The cars flew from Heathrow on Sunday 5th April & will make their race debut at Wakefield Park Raceway, New South Wales on the 18 & 19 April.

click here for gallery

Holeshot Racing ADR3
Holeshot Racing ADR3

Jack Frost, Holeshot Racing ran a succesfull shakedown test & Kirkistown in Northern Ireland, last Friday 13 March.

The Honda powered ADR3 ran the day without any problems, & Jack is now looking forward to racing the car at Kirkistown on the 28th March.




The new RMA Trackdays liveried ADR3 TS made is debut outing at Donnington Park, on 10th June.

The track sport car fitted with the latest Mugen Honda FD2 K20 engine, ran faultlessly all day, & driven by Leyton Clarke was also the quickest car at the event.

The new car will be used to demonstrate the versatility of the ADR3 TS on all of the RMA Trackday events, the next outing is at Silverstone GP circuit on the 19th June.


The January issue of Race Tech Magazine featured a 5 page article about ADR Engineering including a historic overview and a glimpse at things to come.

This is the perfect read for an insight into the ADR3, one of the most competetive cars in its class today.

Click here for the full article.


Jack Frost, in his Holshot racing turbo charged hyabusa engined ADR3, as you
can see the car had a slight meeting with bank !! on it final run, but with
437 BHP AT THE REAR WHEELS !!, the car was the fastest in its class.

Click here for gallery


Furthering the development of the ADR3 the new 2008 model has many refinements including, a redesigned chassis, removing all square section tubes in favour of round, giving a 20% weight reduction & increased
rigidity. Long range fuel cell 80 litres, to enable the car to be more suitable for
endurance racing, a refined areo package, & the option of either the Hewland or Sadev gearbox.

Click here for the November 2007 workshop gallery.


Watch the adr3 during practice for the Gurston Down hillclimb in May 2007. Link


ADR3 wins 2 day NASA Super Unlimted Race event at Thunderhill Raceway Park, California on 11-12 August 2007. read more on the US site.


ADR3 wins North American Modern Endurance Challenge at Willow Springs Raceway, California, 7 July 2007. read more on the US site.


ADR3 wins at Infinion Raceway, California, 1 July 2007. read more on the US site.


Round 3 of the South African Sports Racing Association Championship was held on the 26th of May, 2007 at Zwartkops Raceway in Pretoria.

Team Legend Cars Motorsport went in to the championship with a 9-point lead in the series, and were hoping to at least maintain this, after mechanical maladies crept in days before the event. In a final shake down, a week before the event, their Hayabusa motor let go, and was only delivered the night before the event, and was in stock standard trim, with low compression pistons. Needless to say, the team was feeling a little down trodden.

After qualifying for the 8-lap sprint event, Grant put in a strong lap to put them 2nd on the grid, far higher than expected. The finishing order for the 8-lapper would dictate the grid for the feature event. In the sprint event, and after going at it, hammer & tong, Grant finished 2nd, only 2.5 secs behind the 3L V6 Nissan Shelby Can Am of Karl Zachau.

This put the team on the front row again for the feature event, a 1-hour endurance event. It was going to be a close fought affair, with Harry Costas in the Speads RS up to speed, as well as the Shelby V6 of Karl also flying. Grant hounded Karl for the first 15 laps, but got on the wrong side of some lapped traffic, and was punted off. This left Karl, and Harry more than 9 seconds up the road. Grant put in some blistering laps, and made up the deficit in only a hand full of laps. Grant took the lead on lap 21, and remained un-challenged for the remainder of the event. So the score card for Legend Cars Motorsport’s ADR3 reflects three outings… 3 wins!


Round two of the SRA championship was recently held at Kyalami International Raceway in Johannesburg, South Africa. Scheduled as a Day – Night event, it drew an entry of 21 cars, including ACD Nardini’s, V6 Shelby Can – Am’s and a Speads.

Qualifying saw Grant Orbell put his Legend Cars ADR3 to the top of the lists, a second faster than the V6 Shelby Can Am’s of Pierre Brydges & Rob Wall.

An hour after its scheduled start time, with lights ablaze, the race started under safety car conditions, for the first two laps. When the safety car came into the pits, Grant blasted his car into an immediate lead, which grew at half – a –second – a – lap for the duration of the race.

One of the competitors was putting substantial amounts of oil on the circuit, and so, at 66% race duration, the organisers put the safety car out. Grant used this safety car period as an opportunity to pit for fuel. During this pit stop, the organisers felt the track was unsafe to continue, and so the chequered flag came out, with Grant still stuck in pit lane. Grant realised what was happening, and made his way up the pit lane, triggering the lap counter, and in doing so still managed to win the race by more than 30 seconds!

With Pole position, fastest lap (by well over a second!) and race win, Legend Cars extend their lead in the championship.


The first round of the SRA (Sports Racing Association) championship was held at Wesbank Raceway on Sunday, the 18th of Feb.

Qualifying saw Rui Campos put his Shelby Can-Am V6 on pole position, followed by Grant Orbell in his very quick ADR3, and third on the grid went to Harry Costas in his Spead RS.

The one hour race, held late in the afternoon, however, was an Orbell / ADR3 Affair, with Orbell pulling two to three seconds a lap. By mid race, he had lapped the entire field, and at race end was a further lap ahead of everyone! With overall win, class win and index of performance win, as well as fastest lap, it was an impressive début performance for the ADR3 in South Africa!

The team looks forward to the next round of the championship will be held at Kyalami, on the 24th of March 2007.

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